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2Pac Dated A Lot Of White Girls In High School. He Didn’t Care About Race.

Tupac’s prom date, Heather G. from high school, speaks on how Tupac didn’t look at race in High School.



  1. I’m actually glad 2Pac didn’t have kids, imagine how much his legacy would be diminished in a way if he had a kid(s) only for them to be as incompetent & irrelevant as Biggies son and daughter…. Think about that and let it sink in.

  2. So you just got a lil attention no BS I thought she was going to say she was pregnant by him and had his kid and now her kid is 16 but she just came up here to clout Chace so she can get her chance

  3. Tupac was a smart man… and look at what happened soon as he dealt with a brillowomb… SHE LIED on him and got him sent to prison for something she made up…. Bvv are NOTHING

  4. Art for fuck sake…he didn't break up with her because she was white. He didn't want to pursue the relationship any further because of how he was being perceived by black women and culture at the time. DID Madonna take him off her record because he was black? No- he was taken off during to what was happening with him at the time. He understood where he was in the moment. He didn't change, he evolved and acted according to how things were being inflicted on him. As gangsta as he was. Font you think that he would still have been nice to this chick if he ran into her in later life?

  5. You tried to suck the hell out of that ..ended up having her say the same shyt twice but in different ways. How many takes did it take.

  6. Well since you interviewing PAC’s prom date ,you wanna interview me?I live in Oakland and was downtown when he got into the fight with OPD.

  7. I wish Art expounded on why Tupac had to leave Madonna because she was white… it wasn't like Tupac was racist and it was simply because she was white, it was because of him being a public figure, and he was concerned about his image — he's talking about being for the cause and black struggle, while dating white women — he didn't like the optics of that for his fans and the public.

  8. What the hell was the point of even having this fucking woman on here like at this point I feel like you’re just doing stupid shit now having this random ass white woman come on the show to talk about her. Going to prom with 2Pac like bro you need to figure your shit out.

  9. lol. proof the MJW was right about Tupac, lol. He was a legend but he seems like someone that was easily influenced by what others thought of him instead of just being himself. one key personality that is truly him is that he is expressive

  10. She speaking for him. Dating white women doesnt mean he didnt care about race. He obviously did care about race. That doesnt mean he was against other races. Gotta understand the difference.

  11. Where was all these women with all these great testimonies of him when he was being tried for rape. These witness statements could have changed the narrative in court!!!

  12. High school being a kid at an art school with privileged people lol Versus coming to Oakland as a grown man in the 90s is two different things THUGLIFE !!! BET HE WONT BE WITH BECKY TODAY BUT HE WILL RESPECT CAUSE ITS PAC. HE LEARNED TOO MUCH AFTER BEING INDOCTRINATED IN HS AS A GROWN MAN

  13. Well duh he didnt care about race. Fighting for Black people's Liberation globally is all about getting people to not hold that over you😂. That doesn't mean though that he doesn't have thoughts on the implications of being with certain groups of women etc.

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