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2Pac’s Father Exposes The Truth: Finally Tells His Side Of The Story. (Full Interview)

Billy Garland, former black panther party member and biological father to Tupac Shakur, first in-depth interview with The Art Of Dialogue contributor Delray Richardson.

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  1. Now, ain't nobody tell us it was fair
    No love from my daddy, 'cause the coward wasn't there
    He passed away and I didn't cry, 'cause my anger
    Wouldn't let me feel for a stranger………so he didn’t pass away 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. Thank you so much for this interview. Although, I am white, I know enough about history, to relate to what he meant with Martin Luther King as well as for Malcolm X and the Black Panther Organisation. There were other times back then, nevertheless both of this men were lights in the darkness and will always be remembered in history. 2Pac was and still is, maybe now even more, just as much an Icon. He was far more than a musician and I believe & trust, that he owns also that place in history and always be remembered for the wonderful person he was. I still mourn and miss him dearly. Never I believe and I am sure 2Pac was not bipolar. Besides all his talents and great character, he did have a deep sense for justice. No wonder he was pissed, when he was accused & got sentenced wrongfully. Imagine, do you really believe, that 2Pac r…any woman? C'mon, look at him, he could have had any chick he wanted. Until the end of my life, I will always love 2Pac deeply and feel extremly grateful, that I had the pleasure to get to know his music and all he shared with us ❤️💜❤️

  3. It’s not that hard to find somebody dude !!! I know it looks suspect when you wait till somebody’s famous before you go find them. And then two years later, you sue for half of their estate.

  4. Even Tupac’s father was big on giving back… no wonder that Tupac was so selfless with his resources. It was in his nature to look out for the downtrodden 💯

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