“Go2DaMoon” is a standout track on Playboi Carti‘s last album, 2020’s Whole Lotta Red. The track officially only features Kanye West, but A$AP Bari is saying that he too had a hand in the making of the song.

In an Instagram Story on Friday, Bari claimed that he had a large part in “Go2DaMoon.” “When you play Carti a Kanye song you had in ur phone produce by @wheezy,” wrote Bari along with a video of Playboi dancing to the song in question. Bari continued: “Even tho Carti never paid me or gave me Credit on the album but that go’s to a lot of rapper I’ve helped out but never got Credit for.”

Wheezy and Outtatown are credited as producers on the track, and Wheezy also got a writing credit along with Kanye and Carti. Bari is nowhere to be seen in the credits.

The A$AP Mob founder is good friends with Kanye, and maybe West himself felt bad about the snub, as just last week he gifted Bari a Maybach truck. Bari was very appreciative, posting about the gift. “Yo, this n***a Ye bought me a new fucking Maybach, yo!” he wrote in a post. “If you know me, you know I crashed my Maybach two days ago, bro! This n***a bought me a new Maybach truck, bruh. What the f**k is going on right now… I’m ’bout to cry, bro.”

It looks like Carti’s going to need to buy Bari something nice to get back on his good side.