The trial involving Alex Jones has become a public spectacle, not because it has been a long time coming, but over the Infowars founder’s legal representation. For years, Jones has taken to his platform to declare that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that saw the deaths of 20 first graders, as well as six teachers, didn’t actually happen. The devastation broke the hearts of millions as the coverage of the shooting was unending, but Jones peddled the conspiracy theory that Sandy Hook was a hoax.

Not long after the shooting was reported back in 2012, Jones claimed that it wasn’t real, the parents crying on television were actors, and the incident was created by the government as a ploy to take guns away from citizens.

Sergio Flores / Stringer / Getty Images

The Sandy Hook victims’ relatives immediately called out Jones and decided to take him to court. They alleged that they were targeted by his fanbase who constantly harassed and threatened them. A court had already found him liable for defaming the families, and today (August 4), Jones learned just how much he has to pay them in damages.

According to reports, Jones has been ordered to pay over $4 million to the family of 6-year-old Jesse who was killed during Sandy Hook. They initially asked for $150 million, while Jones’s attorney reportedly requested an award of $1 because Jones “made a mistake.”

“Having a 6-year-old son shot in front of his classroom is unbearable and you don’t think you’re going to survive and then to have someone on top of that perpetuate a lie that it was a hoax, that it was a false flag,” said the mother of 6-year-old Jesse. “I don’t think you understand the fear you perpetuate, not just to the victim’s family but to our family, our friends and any survivor from that school.”

When Jesse’s father did an interview in 2017, he said that he held his son “with a bullet hole through his head.” Over on Infowars, Jones and his co-host alleged that the father lied. During this trial, Jones admitted that the Sandy Hook shooting was real.