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Backstage Party of Snoop Dogg with Ed Sheeran & Russell Crowe Follows Shocking Performance by Pole Dancers in Australia

Snoop Dogg just shocked an Australian crowd of 20,000 with a lewd concert including pole dancers on Thursday (March 2). As the scantily-clad performers danced to his music, he performed some of his classics like “Gin And Juice” and “What’s My Name?” Moreover, he also brought out an ape-mask-wearing performer carrying an oversized blunt prop to throw money onstage. Overall, it sounds like quite the display of debauchery and campiness that we’ve come to expect from the Cali legend. It might’ve been shocking for many, but the crowd overall loved his performance, screaming and singing along on his “I Wanna Thank Me” tour.

Furthermore, Snoop faced accusations of groping one of his backup dancers during his Monday night Perth show. However, it seems like that referred to people concerned with how he touched them while on stage, with no further wrongdoing reported. Still, a testimony from another dancer painted the rapper’s energy in a more positive light. “It’s just having fun and entertaining the crowd,” dancer Nicole remarked to a radio show. “He’s the coolest person, super laid back and he just wants to entertain the people like we all do.”

Snoop’s Pole Dancers Shock Crowd

PERTH, AUSTRALIA – February 27: Snoop Dogg performs at RAC Arena on February 27, 2023 in Perth, Australia. (Photo by Matt Jelonek/Getty Images)

Also, the 51-year-old hung out with Ed Sheeran and Russell Crowe backstage at his Melbourne show on Saturday (March 4). Of course, many pointed out some jars and rolled cigarettes among them, pointing to some chill celebration. Still, it was a bizarre sight as a hip-hop legend, one of the biggest artists right now, and an acclaimed actor kicked back. In addition, it seems like Snoop gifted both celebrities with a Death Row chain to commemorate the occasion.

Meanwhile, the Doggpound head honcho will make a return to TV alongside his longtime friend and collaborator Dr. Dre. Moreover, DJ Pooh confirmed a reboot of their film The Wash (which he directed) as a TV series. For those unaware, this was a star-studded 2001 film for hip-hop and could make for a fun, nostalgic revisiting. Given their chemistry and decades of experience working together, it should be a treat to see even if the end result isn’t revolutionary. Regardless, check him out with Sheeran and Crowe below and stick around on HNHH for the latest news from Snoop Dogg.

Ed Sheeran & Russel Crowe Hang With Snoop Dogg

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