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Being Canceled Terrifies Summer Walker

Summer Walker has come out to say why she suffers from shyness, especially when it comes to interviews. Since her rise in popularity in 2018, Summer Walker remains relatively reserved. However, she has now come out to state the reason for her hesitancy to speak out in interviews. In an Instagram story, Summer states that she has spent 27 years trying to understand her own shyness. “It’s cause I’m trying real hard not to say something crazy. I’m literally walking around over thinking how not to hurt anyone’s feelings.”

Summer Walker’s anxiety around interviews is understandable, given the high stakes of public scrutiny. In recent years, several high-profile musicians have faced backlash for controversial statements and behavior. This can result in lost fans and brand deals. As a relatively new artist, Summer may feel particularly vulnerable to criticism. In fact, Summer has already garnered some heat for seemingly innocent comments she has made on Instagram before. But fans are acutely aware of her absence from interviews in comparison to her R&B peers.

Summer Walker Is Too “Ghetto” For Interviews

At the same time, Summer Walker’s reluctance to engage with the media could also limit her career opportunities. Interviews and press appearances are important tools for building a fanbase and promoting new music. By avoiding these opportunities, Summer may miss out on potential fans and industry connections. However, she has not always kept to herself. Summer has opened up a bit about her pregnancy and children, and how they impact her life. She happily talks about how her twins, and how proud she is of herself for bringing them into the world.

However, Summer Walker has felt the need to address why she does not frequently attend interviews. In her own words, Summer feels that she is too ghetto to get away with an interview gracefully. “Deep down I’m ghetto af n I be scared ima get canceled.” Born on April 11th, Summer is an Aries, who are known for their fiery passion. In the hopes of not offending anyone, she chooses to hold her tongue. While cancel culture is a real concern, it’s important for artists to stay true to themselves. But at the same time, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of speaking your mind freely.


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