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Blueface Reacts to Akademiks’ Invitation for a Boxing Match with Chrisean Rock

Akademiks has faith in his hands as he continues to take aim at Blueface. The media personality’s feud with Blueface hasn’t faded away in recent times and he’s adamant about entering the ring. In recent times, Ak has challenged a few rappers to throw hands but it seems as though Blueface is one of the few who is actually entertaining the possibility. Though they haven’t confirmed a date, it seems like we might soon see the two settle their differences with their fists as their feud heats up.

During a recent interview with Natalie Nunn, Akademiks said that he wanted to have a 2-on-2 match including himself vs. Blueface and Chrisean Rock vs. another woman. “We gon’ do some shit we never seen before. We all gonna fight simultaneously around the same time. I got a chick for Chrisean and me and Blueface,” Akademiks said. Nunn said that she wanted to set that up immediately before suggesting that he would need a month to train. “No, no, no. Hell nah. Give me six or seven months –,” he said, which Nunn explained would be too long.

Blueface’s Response

It seems as though Blueface agrees with Nunn’s take on the timeline. The “Thotiana” rapper struck back on Twitter with a clip of Ak’s rant on Nunn’s Instagram Live. “Ak need 6 or 7 months,” Blueface wrote on Twitter with a laughing emoji. The two have been discussing a boxing match for atleast a month now, so it seems like Blueface wants to schedule this bout immediately. Blue shared a clip of Akademiks’ suggestion, writing, “I been drinking an smoking all year I’m ready tonight cuh a bitch at 31.” 

Ultimately, Blueface feels as though time is of the essence in this scenario. Since he and Blueface began to take aim at each other, the L.A. artist claimed that he’d end Akademiks career. Blue said that Ak’s career might not exist anymore by the time they enter the ring in 6 to 7 months. “Ak career gone be over in 6 or 7 months ain’t nobody gone want to see that he should have said never,” he wrote. We’ll keep you posted on anymore updates surrounding the potential match-up against Blueface and Akademiks. Who do you think would win? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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