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Boosie Badazz Shows Support for Daughter Despite Family’s Unacceptance of Her Sexuality

His comments regarding the LGBTQIA+ community often divide, and now, Boosie Badazz is being questioned about his daughter’s sexuality. Boosie’s rapping eldest goes by Poison Ivi, and she seemingly had a coming out of sorts after sharing a photo with her girlfriend. The rapper made a regular stop at VladTV and was questioned about whether or not he knew about Ivi’s sexuality before the big reveal.

“I didn’t. Like, she used to be with a boy I thought she was dating. He used to come to the house,” said Boosie. “But I don’t think that was her boyfriend, now. You know, I think that was just like, a friend or something. But Ivi got a—our family is real Southern Baptist family. So, Ivi gotta respect for her family and everything for what she does. You know, so her coming out at this age, that’s the time when you supposed to know what you want.”

Boosie Accepts His Daughter, Regardless

“Even though it’s not—it won’t be accepted as far as—’cause I don’t want to think anyone in my family to think it’s okay. But what she does, we’re not gonna—we’re gon’ love her to death. We gon’ love her to death, but at the same time, our family, it’s never been that way. It’s never been accepted, our preacher, grandfather, grandmother preacher.”

“But, at the same time, she grown,” Boosie continued. “She can do what the hell she want, she old enough to know what she want. And that’s her. She’s doing a great job, she’s making her own money, that’s her own talent. I’ve never wrote not one line for her. The girls can go.” Boosie added that he didn’t find out about Ivi’s preferences with everyone else, but he admitted, “I was suspicious.” However, he immediately doubled back and said social media confirmed it for him.

Boosie Speculates About Why His Daughter Didn’t Come To Him First

Vlad wanted to know if Boosie was disappointed that Ivi didn’t speak with him before turning to Instagram. The rapper said she’s never done it in the past, so this wasn’t out of the ordinary. “She never came to me to talk about relationships,” said Boosie. “She’s more of a to-herself person.” He also stated he believed Ivi didn’t go to him about her personal life because of his opinions about the LGBTQIA+ community. “I’m respected in my family,” he added. “What I say goes, and what I say matters.” Check it out above.

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