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British Horror Film “The Strays” on Netflix Leaves Viewers Traumatized for Life

Halloween is still many months away, but a recent horror arrival on Netflix has left some viewers feeling “scarred for life” after watching. The British flick is called The Strays. According to many Twitter users, it has an eerily similar feeling to Jordan Peele’s fan favourite, Get Out. It previously premiered on the streamer at the end of February and has managed to keep the internet talking in the weeks since.

The Nathaniel Martello-White-directed project follows Neve (played by Ashley Madekwe), a light-skinned Black woman living in a suburban English town. She works as a deputy headmistress and is married to Ian (Justin Salinger), a white man. For the most part, Neve seems to avoid embracing her biracial status. When two strangers arrive in town, however, her picture-perfect life begins to unravel in ways you could never imagine.

The Strays Trailer

In the Netflix trailer for The Strays, the troubled woman nearly crashes her car, containing her two children, upon seeing the mysterious figures. Later in the clip, we see Neve and Ian entertaining guests while a creepy man watches on from the pavement outside. “What’s that at the window? Someone’s there, can’t you see?” she asks. Surprisingly, the other guests are left confused, asking the hostess, “What’s wrong with you tonight?”

Easily one of the streamer’s most chilling arrivals so far this year, The Strays has plenty of people speaking their minds on Twitter. “Guys I’m watching ‘The Strays’ on Netflix and I’m just thinking about how Jordan Peele has quite literally created his own film genre,” one user pointed out. “‘Get Out’ literally has sons now I’m actually so shocked lol.”

Twitter Reacts to Netflix’s New Horror Film

Justin Salinger and Ashley Madekwe attending the special screening of Netflix’s The Strays at BFI Southbank, London. Picture date: Monday, February 20, 2023. (Photo by Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images)

“I can honestly say this is the wildest f*cking movie I’ve ever seen,” another person wrote. “Just finished watching ‘The Strays’ on Netflix and I think I’m [scarred] for life because what the hell did I just watch!” someone else vented after viewing the film. Keep scrolling to read more Twitter reactions, and check back later for more pop culture news updates.


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