Just a few days ago, it was revealed that Deshaun Watson would be suspended for six games this season. This was a decision handed down by an independent judge, and it was more of a recommendation than an actual tried and true ruling. Regardless, it seemed as though the NFL was simply going to go with the judge’s decision and hand Watson a cool six games.

Considering what Watson has been accused of, a six-game suspension does seem quite low. Even fans have expressed their distaste for the decision, and for the last few days, there have been demands for the NFL to appeal and deliver a much stiffer suspension. For instance, some think Watson should get a full year, especially since that is what the league gave Calvin Ridley.

Deshaun Watson

Nick Cammett/Getty Images

According to Adam Schefter, the NFL has, indeed, decided to go through with an appeals process in regards to the suspension. The consensus seems to be that the NFL is not happy with only giving Watson six games and that they are looking to make the punishment a whole lot stiffer. 

There is no telling whether or not this will happen, however, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will be able to choose who hears the appeal, which gives the league an advantage.

This remains a developing story, so stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest news and updates.