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Ex NBA Player Joe Smith Furious After Discovering His Wife’s OnlyFans Page

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  1. Another tacky action. Marriage consists of communication. She then posts the argument for the world sharing everything – thats embarassing and violation. You couldve left the world out of it and filled him in before someone else told him. Certain things are expected in a relationship let alone a marriage. Hes not a boyfriend.

  2. I don't trust any black women that defend black women. That are 100% wrong. Stop defending this woman just because she's a woman. Please don't let this woman host again.

  3. 9:21 – that's NOT true, Gisselle. That's not control; that's I'm angry we didn't have a convo first or I'm angry because you're putting our business on the social media streets or I'm angry because you don't respect me or our marriage.

  4. This cohost is ridiculous, it’s like she just contradicts herself as she continues to talk.
    She would say yeah I would have a conversation with my husband so we could see what we could do with this onlyfans thing.
    Then turn around and say he’s controlling saying she needs to ask for permission.

  5. The woman on this platform is the kind of gal all men need to stay clear of…..very selfish……just like Joe's wife and Pinkett and all these other women trying get theirs…and its by ANY means necessary …theres good women yall …stay away from them type ……they blood suckaz…shes taking it personal because someone asks permission…..it goes both ways in a marriage

  6. The Co host needs to get fired for sending out the wrong message to young impressionable female minds that asking permission is control what the hell kind of society are we turning into where respect, consideration, ethics and morals is considered something oppressive 😢

  7. Yall catch that shade DJ Envy threw at 9:34 "I don't know about Charlemagne's marriage or [wait for it] YOUR MARRIAGE" 😂😂 Thats the point her ass aint married so she can have all the "opinions" about marriage she wants it don't mean jack sh*t

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