Investigators believe they know what happened to Taylor Pomaski and they have charged her boyfriend with her murder. In April 2021, 29-year-old Pomaski reportedly hosted a party at her Houston suburb home and then disappeared. She was classified as a missing person for just about seven months before her remains were located in Harris County in December 2021. It wasn’t until May of this year that it was confirmed that those remains belonged to Pomaski.

Just days before Pomaski went missing, her boyfriend, ex-NFL star Kevin Ware, had reportedly been arrested on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance as well as possession of a firearm. He was said to have posted bond and was released.

According to CBS News, yesterday (July 28), the 41-year-old former professional sports figure was reportedly indicted “on murder and tampering charges.” The latter is in connection with “tampering with evidence, specifically a corpse,” prosecutors stated.

Ware has reportedly been arrested and remains incarcerated at this time on the murder-related charges as well as those possession counts.

“We appreciate everyone who has come forward to provide evidence and aid in our investigation,” Lacy Johnson, the Harris County prosecutor, reportedly stated. “Although this investigation has been going on since Taylor’s disappearance in 2021, the court process is just beginning, and we encourage anyone who has knowledge about what happened between Kevin and Taylor to come forward.”