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FBI Using Keefe D As Fall Guy To Hide LAPD Involvement In 2Pac’s Murder.

Dr. Umar Ifatunde breaks his silence on Keefe D getting arrested for Tupac’s murder.



  1. 100% correct. I don't even know why I'm commenting because there ain't nothing to add to that. Other than citing how Russell Poole mysteriously died just after discovering that the car used in Biggies murder was registered to Suge Knight and Death Row. If he lived he would have discovered the connection between Death Row and the top brass of the LAPD

  2. Nah bro Keefe D TOLD on himself on vladtv. Just some ignorant nigga shit. We need to be able to call out that behavior just as much as racial injustice.

  3. Tupac took their oaths and vows, his murder was a harvesting of energies/mourning and then life insurance monies. Simple. The images are all littered throughout their art.
    This is not an isaue of racisim or black vs white, it's an issue of souls. These peooke are soul reapers

  4. No other genre of music has this murder problem like hip hop. The rappers are criminals who use hip hop as a racket to launder money from the drug dealing and theft.

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