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Finesse2Tymes Under Fire for Presenting a Gift to a Friend Who Took Responsibility on His Behalf

Finesse2Tymes recently picked up his friend who took charges for him from prison, giving him a gift that has people split on social media. Moreover, the Memphis rapper picked up his now free friend on his first day out with $5K and a lot of new sneakers. While he clearly expressed a lot of gratitude and happiness for coming home to his colleagues with gifts, many on social media didn’t agree. Furthermore, a lot of people were critical of the seemingly insufficient gesture. Considering Finesse’s own prison time, it’s no doubt that he knows what people would appreciate after coming out.

“11 years for 5k!!!” one user commented. “’Your honor I will tell you where all the bodies are,’” joking that it wasn’t worth not cooperating. “Well if that’s what happened he in fact did get finessed two times,” another added. Even though Finesse has been busy releasing new music since his release from jail, many thought he could’ve done more. “5k ain’t even enough to convince me NOT to call the cops on you…” another user expressed.

Finesse2Tymes Gives Gift To Friend Who Took His Charges

However, many aimed to clarify the situation on social media and defend Finesse’s good will, as it could just be something to show the media and not the whole effort he’ll put into setting his friend up comfortably for his loyalty. “At least he came home to 5k n somebody helping him some people come home with nothing but papers,” one user expressed. Another wrote, “The man clearly said in the Video he had to go straight to the halfway house. When u go there it’s only so much u can have and take there.” While the rapper faced his fair share of altercations recently, it’s clear he wants to give back to his entourage.

Like the previous comment, many pointed out that this probably won’t be the end of 2Tymes’ gratitude. “I would HOPE he knows he gone be straight and taken care of IRL the shoes and cash was just for MEDIA IMAGE,” another user expressed. Sure, some are skeptical, but the only one who can assess the value of the rapper’s thankful actions is the friend in question. Regardless, check out our interview with Finesse2Tymes here and return to HNHH for the latest from the Memphis rapper.

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