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George Lopez on Donald Trump, Elon Musk, TV Show, and Secret Service Coming to His House | Interview

George Lopez dropped by the neighborhood to speak with Big Boy about the Donald Trump indictment, Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg, and the United States Secret Service showing up at his house. Lopez discusses life before comedy, losing his grandmother, speaking at Richard Pryor’s funeral, and performing live-stand up comedy. He speaks on receiving death threats, rekindling his relationship with his daughter during “Lopez vs Lopez”, and living in a haunted house. Plus, Lopez comments on Michael J Fox, Becky G, Kelly Clarkson, Brice Gonzalez, and his new movie “Blue Beetle”. Watch the full interview exclusively on BigBoyTV,.

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  1. So I was curious as to what George Lopez was going to say about Trump in this interview because I saw a comedy show that George was perforning in Fresno when Trump was in office and the entire show was Lopez saying F@($ Trump. He kept repeating it over and over. Like a hundred times. Disrespecting our president. I ended up leaving early he was not funny at all just annoying. Lost respect for Lopez after that. Now talking about the secret service showing up like he was innocent….as abuelita would say pendejo!

  2. This guy has made a living of Mexican culture. He has threatened to move last time Trump as elected and sure enough he didn’t. He has become rich and spends most of the time on the golf course He is a complete sale out and now is judgmental. Go to Canada or Mexico..

  3. Ive seen the gerorge lopez sitcom through and through so many times its a childhood memry for me i love it. Dont agree with his liberal shit at all but i like his tv show

  4. Great interview because of George but I feel that big boy is not really listening, just waiting to go on to the next topic hoping he can segment each question into a clip. He’s not a great interviewer, he just changes topics consistently.

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