Jake Paul recently had to cancel his upcoming fight card on August 6th. Originally, Paul was going to fight Tommy Fury, however, the Fury brother was unable to make the fight as he had trouble getting into the United States. From there, Paul set his sights on Hasim Rahman Jr., although that fell through as well after Paul claimed that Rahman Jr. was refusing to make the agreed-upon weight.

Rahman Jr. and Fury have both come out against Paul, saying that the former YouTube star is a fraud and that he is simply too scared to actually get in the ring and fight against real boxers. It’s certainly not a good look for Paul who fancies himself as one of the best up-and-coming fighters in the entire sport.

Jake Paul

Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Now, Paul is being challenged by one of the men behind the infamous Jussie Smollett saga. Bola Osundairo is a professional boxer who is now 2-0 in his career. While speaking to TMZ Sports, Osundairo challenged Paul to a fight, saying that he is better than any of Paul’s desired opponents.

“Do not cancel that fight Jake Paul. Fight me instead. I am ready to fight this Saturday,” Osundairo said. “I’m ready to fight. I’m better than Hasim Rahman Jr., or Tommy Fury. I’m actually ranked higher than Tommy Fury and he has 8 pro fights, and I have 2 pro fights. He’s ranked 340, I’m ranked 193.”

Paul has already canceled the event, so this scenario seems pretty unlikely. If Paul wanted to save face, however, then he would absolutely make this fight happen. After all, Osundairo has a bit of clout as far as fame is concerned, and that’s something that has always interested Paul.

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