Kevin Durant is currently looking to get out of Brooklyn. His trade request came in about a month ago, and still, nothing has been done about it. Numerous teams have inquired about KD but the Nets are playing an extreme game of hardball. They know they have the best players in the league, and the only way a team can acquire him is by relinquishing all of their valuable assets, including All-Stars and first-round picks.

As it turns out, Durant’s problems with the Nets went all the way back to the playoffs, prior to the team’s series against the Boston Celtics. The Nets got swept in that series with Durant and Kyrie Irving looking absolutely pedestrian. Now, it appears as though Durant went into the series believing it was already over.

Kevin Durant

Elsa/Getty Images

While speaking to the Players Choice Podcast, former Nets player Mike James straight up said that Durant told him the Nets were going to lose. This led to a shocked response from the host, who couldn’t believe KD gave up on his team so easily.

“So, when they [the Nets] was trash, and they was losing, I called him one day, I was like ‘You know what this means right? You going to come to my playoff game’”, James said. “He was like ‘No way I’m coming to your playoff game, and then like a week later, he [Durant] called me before the playoffs started, he’s like ‘Yeah I’m going to be there.’”

This is a bad look for KD, and when it comes to his trade value, it could very well set a bad precedent for the Nets. Either way, things are not going well in Brooklyn right now.