Kevin Durant Speaks On LeBron James GM Narratives

KD takes exception to some of the narratives that the media have created for superstar players.

Over the years, there has been this notion that players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and even Steph Curry have GM privileges on their respective teams. By now, everyone has heard the nickname “LeGM” which refers to LeBron James’ ability to have players cut or traded at the drop of a hat. While many have denied that LeBron has such power, there are others who certainly believe that he can do as he pleases in terms of constructing a roster.

One person who completely disagrees with this media narrative is none other than KD. While speaking to Yahoo! Sports, Durant straight up denied these claims, noting that he has never known Curry or LeBron to act as an executive. In KD’s eyes, it is simply a narrative that does more damage than good.

Kevin Durant

Elsa/Getty Images

“I feel like that’s a narrative that [media created]. I don’t even think LeBron does that,” Durant said. “He might have input or know some information. But him saying [pointing left], ‘This is who you should get.’ [Points right.] ‘That’s who you should get,’ I don’t think it works like that.

“I’ve been around Steph, he doesn’t work like that. Let people do their jobs. It’s not on me to overstep what they do. I’m just here to support. If they need me to text or call somebody that may come, of course.”

Despite KD’s comments, this is a narrative that will probably never go away. As long as LeBron is connected to Klutch Sports, there will always be rumblings about how much control he has within the Lakers franchise. It’s a sad reality, but it’s one that many NBA superstars will just have to accept.

Kevin Durant

Elsa/Getty Images


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