KRS-One has brought in Slick Rick and Big Daddy Kane to join The Hip Hop Alliance, a union seeking fair wages, royalties, and health and retirement benefits for artists in the hip-hop and R&B industry.

“Welcome to The Hip Hop Alliance. Hip Hop’s first official union. We fighting for rights!” KRS-One says in an announcement video for the non-profit.

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

A caption for the video shared on Instagram adds, “Shout out to those who work behind the scenes to make Hip Hop Happen! Managers, Artists, Agents, Engineers and Producers, what is the retirement plan, healthcare plan, and fare commission standards for us? What is a fare wage for what we do within ‘Hip Hop’ as an industry?”

“Those that drive and assist artists, those that protect artists, those that promote the show, and those that sell merchandise, among other roles and responsibilities that make Hip Hop happen; Who speaks for us? What brings dignity and respect to the work that we do? the statement continues. “Answer. The Hip Hop Alliance! With the knowledge, the skill, and the power of our collective voice, there is no reason why we cannot protect ourselves and our future! Find out more @thehiphopalliance.”

Chuck D and Kurtis Blow will serve as the president and vice-president of the organization.

The Hip Hop Alliance teamed up with SAG-AFTRA back in February in an attempt to educate artists about the importance of collective bargaining to avoid being exploited by record labels and studios.

Check out The Hip Hop Alliance announcement below.