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“Math Hoffa Condemns Charleston White’s Threats Against His Daughters and Criticizes Akademiks”

Charleston White is a character that often gets under people’s skin, but his comments about Math Hoffa’s children understandably received a scathing response from the My Expert Opinion star. White is known for his unfiltered takes on Hip Hop culture and regularly engages in verbal, social media wars with artists, gangsters, and industry professionals. These spats usually end with him either threatening to call the police or contacting the authorities. Whenever someone says anything negative about him, he returns with comments that light up the internet, and he did just that when responding to Math Hoffa.

Instead of keeping the argument between him and Hoffa, White makes disgusting remarks about Hoffa’s young daughters. White detailed how he would sexually assault them, and it is something that no doting father could ignore. Hoffa shared a video addressing the statements and called out Akademiks for scheduling an interview with White.

Math Hoffa Unleashes His Ire

“Y’all see this sh*t? Y’all see this clown?” Hoffa says at the opening of his video. “Last night, I told this n*gga, ‘F*ck your life.’ And today, this n*gga got online and tooted it. Tooted it up in the air. We gon’ help you get outta here, homie. We gon’ help your pedophile ass get out of here, homie.” Hoffa also stated that White was trying to turn the controversy into a “New York thing” to cover up that he “tried to threaten my six or seven-year-old daughters. Threatened to rape them. Online.”

“This is what some people call entertainment,” Hoffa added. “It’s funny, ’til it’s you. So, how about you just imagine it being you. And then, you understand me.” He then turned his attention to Akademiks. “Yo, shout out to Akademiks! Tag Akademiks in this sh*t. He booked this n*gga for a show in New York. What a alley-oop. Ak, let me know wherever you put this n*gga at.”

A History Of Scandals

Within the last year alone, White has been busy. He’s aimed at T.I., Soulja Boy, and J. Prince, to name a handful of artists. He was said to have even pepper-sprayed Soulja after the rapper approached him publicly. White also threatened to call the police on Tip and his song King. Check out much more from Math Hoffa above.

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