Men Receive WARNING from T.I. on Diddy’s Alcohol Consumption 5 Minutes Ago

5 MINUTES AGO: T.I. Sends WARNING To Men When Diddy Drinks Alcohol

Rapper and actor T.I. recently issued a warning to men who drink with his friend and fellow artist Diddy. In a recent interview, T.I. expressed concern about Diddy’s behavior when he drinks alcohol, cautioning men to be mindful of their own drinking habits when around him. The comments have sparked a conversation among fans and friends alike about Diddy’s well-being and potential alcohol addiction.

Diddy has been open about his struggles with alcohol in the past, and T.I.’s warning highlights the importance of being aware of one’s own relationship with alcohol. As a public figure, Diddy’s behavior when drinking is under scrutiny, and many hope that his friends and loved ones will continue to support him in maintaining a healthy relationship with alcohol.

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  1. Diddy is the devil, straight up hes jerked dudes on his label outta money and had knowledge of Biggie's demise before it even happened 🐍🐍

  2. 🤔 If they made T shirts with SUS written on them and let rappers pass them out… 90-95% would be wearing them.

    Years later. So that's how you get HIV & AIDS.

  3. It's Sad just because a Person has Money we accept the BS that comes along with them. The Track Record is self Explanatory all the Artist that he worked with fell off to the waste side. Murder Accusations and being an LMNOP this dude is a straight clown Pac tried to tell us years ago.

  4. When ppl get drunk the truth comes out period 💯💯💯 If Diddy is Bi-Sexual that's his life but hopefully he covers up because HIV is still out here among other diseases the main thing Diddy pay his artists the money they deserve💯💯💯💯

  5. Oh yes cause Diddy and just Hollywood in general is there just having fun and rainbow s and unicorns it's ok there not evil will just keep giving them passes

  6. What is he so embarrassed about and why do people have to air out his secrets? I mean if they witnessed him kill somebody and they aint say shit then they are as much guilty as him. Nobody should be speaking about nothing that goes down in a man's sexuality in his own house i mean if Diddy don't want his business out he has every right to non disclousure of his business.

  7. It’s so funny. If people didn’t click on this BS these bloggers wouldn’t be relevant. I mean y’all doing too much.

  8. Man if you have a stigma that u a homo creep for over 20 years then it must be true not only that he done a bunch of gay shit on camera I been hearing about how gay he is since I was a kid…nothing wrong wit it just stop using people and lying and freaking people out when he try you sexually

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