After slinging insults at one another on Twitter, NLE Choppa and DJ Vlad have laid down their swords. If you remember, Choppa tweeted that he wanted to help Justin Bieber after the singer announced that he had been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Choppa has long boasted about his herbal cures, including claiming that he could cure cancers and other diseases. Later, Vlad reported on Choppa’s post, resulting in the rapper telling him not to post about him. 

Soon, the pair were engaged in a public back and forth, and now, Choppa and Vlad sit down face to face to discuss their recent online spat. Choppa explained that because he doesn’t run his Instagram, “it’s hard to get in touch with people,” so he uses Twitter to reach out.

They also addressed Vlad’s tweet about a “snake oil salesman” who reached out to him and offered to pay Vlad for an interview. After some investigation, Vlad claimed that it was a man who claimed he cured a relative of cancer and was selling $125 bottle of his suspicious remedy. When Vlad tweeted about this person, Choppa thought he was taking a dig at him and they were once again engaged in another verbal argument.

These two decided to hash things out calmly, realizing that this was all a misunderstanding that escalated beyond their expectations. Watch Choppa and Vlad explain their perspectives below.