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Noreaga Sets the Record Straight: ‘Drink Champs’ Did Not Insult Will Smith as a ‘B*tch’

The arrival of Selective Outrage has been a firestorm, as Chris Rock unleashed on his foe, Will Smith. The comedian took a moment or two to target the man who slapped him during last year’s Oscars. It was an embarrassing encounter for both superstars, but initially, people felt more sympathy for Rock. Now, audiences are divided regarding their support, even more so after Rock’s latest comedy special premiered.

Pop culture has been dissecting Selective Outrage and all of Rock’s jabs. As expected, he went after the Smiths, mentioning their entanglement with August Alsina and even referring to Will as “Suge.” In the special, Rock also gave Drink Champs a shout-out by joking that the outlet called Smith a “b*tch.” It wasn’t missed on Noreaga and DJ EFN, but they took to their platform to set the record straight.

Respect For Will Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith, Chris Rock and Will Smith at the Pauley Pavilion in Los Angeles, California (Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

“This is brand-spankin’ new. Chris Rock—you call Will Smith a b*tch?” Nore asked EFN, who immediately denied saying anything of the sort. After pointing the finger at each other, EFN and Nore clarified that no one referred to the actor as a “b*tch.” Even guest Joe Budden chimed in to say, “It certainly wasn’t me.” He added, “I don’t agree with nothing he did, but I’m not gon’ call another man a b*tch. I’m not gon’ do that.” Then he joked, “But! If Chris Rock said y’all did that that, Drink Champs…”

As the trio laughs through their chat, the world continues to discuss the slap heard ’round the world. All sorts of reports from outlets speaking with “sources” have popped up in recent days. Selective Outrage has thrust the scandal back into the spotlight, and there are reports that Smith and Rock still haven’t spoken. Smith has repeatedly publicly apologized to his former friend and Rock’s family, but it doesn’t look as if it is enough.

Chris Rock Defended By Comedy Peers

Social media timelines were flooded with people telling Chris Rock he needed to let his hurt go. However, his comedy peers like D.L. Hughley and Leslie Jones have come to his defense, telling the public that comedy is how he works through the controversy.

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