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Orlando Brown’s Whereabouts: What Happened?

The Disney channel run in the 2000s produced some of the most renowned series beloved by young audiences. From Hannah Montana to Lizzie McGuire and Phil Of The Future, these iconic TV shows have withstood the test of time. However, That’s So Raven starring Raven-Symoné remains a stand-out from Disney’s golden era. Joined by Anneliese Louise van der Pol and Orlando Brown as her two best friends Chelsea and Eddie, That’s So Raven followed the story of a psychic teenager trying to keep her supernatural powers a secret with the help of her pals.

In 2007, Orlando Brown severed ties with Disney to focus on a music career. Fans already caught a glimpse of his skills on the mic during the series. The prospects for the talented performer were unfathomably promising. His tracks even made an appearance in the 2003 teen drama Thirteen starring Evan Rachel Wood and Nikki Reed. Unfortunately, news of Orlando’s questionable activities have recently been plaguing headlines. This begs the question, what happened to Orlando Brown?

Orlando Brown’s First Publicized Arrest

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Despite his bright future in the entertainment industry, the public’s attention was soon diverted to Brown’s multiple legal issues. In 2016, he was arrested for domestic violence, obstruction of justice and drug possession with intent to sell. According to police, Brown got into a heater confrontation with his ex-girlfriend in a parking lot that resulted in a physical altercation. Once they arrived on the scene, police discovered that he was in possession of methamphetamine. This was followed by another incident of alleged domestic disturbance between Brown, his ex, and her mother. Although charges were made, he failed to appear in court both times. 

Eventually, Brown was taken into custody and released but again, failed to show up at court for his hearing. As he evaded law enforcement, bounty hunters relentlessly sought his capture until they found him hiding in a closet at a Las Vegas residence in March. Finally brought before the court, it was clear that this was not the turn Brown’s promising career path had taken.

Orlando Brown’s Further Altercation With The Law

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In June 2016, authorities apprehended Brown after they observed him emerging from a hotel known for prostitution and drug trafficking. After stopping his cab, he was found with methamphetamine and paraphernalia. Law enforcement authorities in Las Vegas took Brown into custody as a result of an outstanding warrant. He was charged with drug possession.

Other episodes of misconduct followed including an alleged attempt to burglarize a friend’s restaurant, while his tattoo of Symoné’s face on his neck raised eyebrows. Throughout this period, Brown sought treatment on two occasions, though both times he soon left rehab centers.

Orlando Brown’s Appearance on Dr. Phil

In 2018, Orlando Brown appeared on the Dr. Phil Show to face concerned family and friends who challenged his erratic behavior. He declared himself to be the son of Michael Jackson. Additionally, Brown insisted he had four children with the eldest being 16-18 years old. That would’ve meant that he was 13-15 when they were born. On top of that, he revealed he couldn’t even name two of the kids. These alarming admissions prompted the TV host to suggest the actor enter a specialized facility.

Road To Recovery

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In 2020, Orlando Brown was resolute in his mission to stay on the straight and narrow. He entered a committed relationship with Danielle Brown, with whom he has a son named Frankie. “My name is Orlando Brown from That’s So Raven fame,” he shared. “I had had some struggles in the past… involving substances like crystal meth and marijuana, not to mention an unhealthy attachment to the internet.” 

“I owe much of my success to Danielle for introducing me to such an encouraging place,” he continued. “The atmosphere here is one of genuine acceptance, camaraderie, important lessons, and spirituality. Everybody here is incredibly knowledgeable and devoted to their faith, truly astounding.”

Enrolling In A Residential Program

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After seeking the counsel of his fiancée, Danielle Brown, he enrolled in a free six-month residential program in Texas. Designed to help men battle addiction, homelessness, and other life-impacting issues, the initiative has already made a great impact on Orlando’s life. Uplifting images of a better future began surfacing online soon after his enrollment, including one that showed him testifying about his profound transformation.

Orlando Brown’s Recent Incarceration

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On December 22nd, 2022, Brown was again arrested in Ohio. Brown was accused of engaging in a domestic violence altercation at the residence of Matthew Sanders. Brown allegedly threatened Sanders with a hammer and a broken-off knife blade prior to his arrest.

Per reports, Brown had been shouting accusations of sexual assault against Sanders’ wife. Previously, Brown and Sanders identified themselves as “blood brothers” and business partners. Sanders intends to take legal action against Brown, in order to facilitate positive change in the actor’s life.

Numerous arrests and legal troubles have plagued the life of the Disney child star over the years. Since 2016, Brown’s struggle with mental health, homelessness, and addiction has led to a substantial amount of legal issues. However, after a brief hiatus from the limelight, the renowned child star rejoined the small screen with Zeus Networks’ Bad Boys Texas. The series debuted on April 2023 and documented his emotional homecoming since his release from Allen County Jail.

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