There is yet another lawsuit against Peloton for its use of music and this time, it’s over Cypress Hill and House of Pain tracks. In recent years, the workout giant has faced a series of litigations over music publishing rights and copyright infringement, and according to Billboard, Peloton’s legal team is facing yet another lawsuit. 

Soul Assassins Inc. a company reportedly owned by Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs, fired off court documents last week against Peloton, accusing the company of “unlicensed use of songs by Cypress Hill and House of Pain.”

Amy Sussman / Staff / Getty Images

Tracks include “Insane In The Brain,” “(Rap) Superstar,” “Jump Around,” and others. The songs are being used in their workouts but according to Muggs, he’s not being paid for his contributions—both in production and as a songwriter.

“Peloton’s use of [the songs] in its work-out videos without a license from Soul Assassins is an outrageous, willful infringement because Peloton was sued by a group of music publishers in March of 2019 for doing the exact same thing,” the suit reportedly reads, according to Billboard. “Clearly … Peloton knew unequivocally that it had no right to use any musical composition in its exercise videos without first obtaining a license for one hundred percent of the song.”

Peloton has yet to officially respond to the allegations publicly.