Rap Radar Interviews The Game About His 10-Minute Eminem Diss Track

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  1. Tbh I get what he was tryna do and I respect it, but it also proves he’s just dissing Em for clout and keep hiphop interesting. His REAL problem is with 50 cent, but for me personally, I keep it between him and 50

  2. Finally, he admitted what I've always known. He's always been taking shots at the title since day one without fear of losing his career. I can respect that.

  3. I didn't think it was personal and it didn't make me hate game. Rap has always been about competition rap started off with battles before party and bullshit so it's just normal. This new kids know nothing about that they just get angry someone is attacking their celebrities

  4. He said it wasn't personal attack towards eminem but he did say he was better than eminem lol. I am so confused this is some bipolar shit he mixing his words a lot

  5. A 10 minute song that did absolutely nothing and was not worth a response. 10 min? And not one bar was worthy of a response? Smh

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