This week is starting off with a walk down memory lane thanks to Summer Walker who did a bit of reminiscing. The expectant songbird has been planning her second birth as she recently announced that she and her boyfriend are pregnant with Walker’s second child, and it looks like she’s been reflecting on days of the past—when she believes the world was a more fun, laid back time.

“Take me back to when Bernie Mack & Dave Chappelle could say whatever he wanted in stand up & there was no ‘cancel culture,'” the singer wrote before adding a few more thoughts.

We’re kicking off this week with some r

“To when there was no ig & every one, kids & adult had they fun outside,” she added. “Back to when people actually danced in the club. Back to when T-Pain was at the peak of his career. Back to when Lil Wayne had all his locs. Back to when lil booties mattered. Back to when I could hang up on a [ninja emoji] and my flip phone went CLACK!”

“Just take me back,” Walker concluded. Some people couldn’t tell if this was just the singer looking back or if she was working out ideas for a new song, but either way, Summer Walker received plenty of co-signs from fans who felt the same way.

Check out her post below.