Tense Plane Ride with Tupac and Suge Knight, Described by Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg describes one of the last moments he saw Tupac alive on a private plane with Suge Knight. Watch the full Big Boy Off-Air interview on BigBoyTV.




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  1. You know he is the best storyteller I will however, I think he makes a lot of his shit up and you white people just eat it up with stones. He’s laughing at you.

  2. By knife and fork… Snoop meant both of those dicks😂.. They made snoop blow them both. 🤣 He's like "na, you boys don't wanna see this" l o l

  3. That right there is why snoop is still alive and keep doin what he do, these wreckless youngins gettin killed left and right cuz they think they untouchable and money will fix everything. And they're slaves to the record deal if they dont perform to the expectations they are put in the ground while they still make their money. Snoop had his shit figured out from the start

  4. I wouldn't have got on that plane. No way in hell. Not too long after that flight Snoop was calling Master P to get him out of LA and away from Suge. Master P was the only guy Suge couldn't intimidate. A real G. Nobody f*cks with P.

  5. I’d like to point out, these were his business partners and allegedly friends.

    Then he’s thinking they’ll kill him.

    Want to know what’s wrong in the world?

    These people are looked up to. And yeah go ahead call me racist. These people is not about their skin, it’s about the group of celebrities that are horrific influences of young people.

  6. Ride or Die Snoop! 🙋🏼‍♀️🫶🏼💫 respect from me but I already knew u have big 💕 nothin’ like them…. Thank you! My hero think like me… respect 🫡

  7. The sad part of this, is how many young males think this is "cool" and want to be considered "bad ass"
    When they hear stories like this, they don't think "damn, that's scary…" they think "I wanna have cool stories like this to tell"
    And so the cycle continues and worsens.
    No one pays attention to how destructive and devastating this culture is and has been right along, or just how many young lives and also innocent lives it has ended or destroyed.. cuz it's "cool" and "bad ass"

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