“The Art of Dialogue: Ep.2 – Part 2 – You The Voyage Presents Dr. C.R Mishra’s Life-Altering Message”

Art Of Dialogue by You The Voyage aims at connecting and interacting with people who create a societal impact and have a story to share.
In the second episode of Art Of Dialogoue, we had a very lively interaction with Dr. Mishra, who is an Eminent Chemical Scientist & Technologist, Columnist, Television Anchor, Author, Orator and Science Popularizer of repute and has significantly contributed to the Public outreach of Science.
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In this video, Dr. Mishra has expressed his share of experiences in the field of chemistry with a message to the youth. Watch the video till the end to know more.

Host: Sunaainaa Mohanty
Music: YouTube Audio Library

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