Azealia Banks is incredibly eager to collab with Lil Nas X, though her dreams may not come true due to some of her past comments about the Atlanta-born rapper.

Earlier today (July 31) the “212” artist contacted Nas via her Instagram Story, practically begging him to jump on a track with her that she seems to think will change the world. “@lilnasx I got the one,” she began.

Jason Mendez/Getty Images 

“Like, the one one. No like, the gworlz are *actually* going to shit themselves. Like it’s really a wrap for a lot of mf*ckas.” Banks told the 23-year-old, “You must be on this song so we can feast on these hoe ass n*ggas.”

That’s not all she had to say either, as the controversial creative went on to brag about her “sixth sense” that she describes as “a way of knowing/having precisely what the gays *truly* want.”

“Never pandering,” Azealia wrote. “Just giving the give… I’m really gayer than all y’all lmfaoooooo.”

Her final statements on the unreleased track were, “Cause I really hit the f*cking nail on the head with this one…”

At this time, Lil Nas X hasn’t replied to Banks’ plea for a collab, though he did share his opinion on her during an interview with GQ late last year. Though he admitted to being a fan of the 31-year-old, he’s reluctant to work with her musically.

“Azealia shits on me too much, though!” the MONTERO artist said when the interviewer asked him to put the New Yorker on a track. “And I think it’s funny in a way. I still love Azealia Banks‘ music.”

Though Nas didn’t name any specific incidents between the two, it’s possible he could be referring to the 2019 moment when the “Luxury” singer dissed both him and Lizzoread more about that here, and tap back in with HNHH later for more hip-hop news updates.