Vince Staples Shares His Thoughts on the Criticism of “Ramona Park” | Rap Radar

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  1. man that album was easly one of his best hes 100% correct people are just fuckin stupid same shit w/ kendrick new joint people love to hate shit that is REAL problems not talkin abt shootin niggas and slaggin dope like thats some shit look up to or somthin. a perfect example is when these people talk abt how cool ther BIG HOMIES are for being in prison and shit

  2. Shame he doesn't care tho. Because he's regarded as one of the best young rappers. Vince has nothing but classics, IMO. From Big Fish Theory to RPBMH, everything has been damn near or 10/10.

  3. If you think about his flow, his lyricism and his ability to create his own specific vibe everything he does including visuals – you should respect him 100% as a pure artist. he is incredibly intelligent and viewing his work from a creative innovative perspective will have you celebrating his progress rather than judging it. a lot of people's fans don't even deserve the artists they claim to support 😢

  4. Ramona park is one of my favorite albums of 2022 very easily and might be his best project. Genius and heavy album that takes you into his world

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