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Watch as Russell Westbrook ejects two Kings fans.

Russell Westbrook is currently on the Los Angeles Clippers. Following two awful seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, Russ was able to escape. However, he opted to remain in the same building as he decided to go with the other team in Los Angeles. Although the Clippers have gotten off to a slow start with Russ on the team, they are starting to find their footing. Just a couple of nights ago, the team was able to defeat the Sacramento Kings, who are a team that has largely dominated the Clippers this season.

If you know anything about Russ, it is that he oftentimes gets abuse from the fans. Overall, he is someone who is easy to chirp. This is due to his statistical performance and his abundance of turnovers. That said when Russ feels as though fans are getting out of line, he immediately does something about it. Over the past few years, we have seen him get fans ejected. While playing the Kings a couple of nights ago, that is exactly what went down.

Russell Westbrook Voices Displeasure

In the Twitter video up above, courtesy of Clutch Points, you can Westbrook asking for the referee to come over. Subsequently, Russ points to the two fans and asks for them to be removed. All of the fans courtside are looking at the two Kings supporters, and there was this fanfare around them being booted from the game. Ultimately, Westbrook got his wish and he was able to move on swiftly. At this time, there is no account of what was said to Westbrook. However, one can imagine it had to be inappropriate if Russ felt it was necessary to say something about it.

Ever since the pandemic, the NBA has had some issues as it pertains to fan interactions. In today’s video age, the fans have gotten bolder than ever. Although, on the flip side of that, their behavior is being recorded. It is an interesting dynamic that the NBA is still actively trying to work through. Hopefully, for Russ and others throughout the league, the fans start to show a bit more respect, moving forward.


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