“Why Kasim Reed Opposes the Defunding of Police: His Reasons Explained”

On the latest episode of #BigFacts, former Mayor of Atlanta #KasimReed talks the why he’s against defunding the police. #interview


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  1. Of course a Mayor would be against defunding of police. Police officers vote for mayor's and they control and work for each other. They are all part of one big happy corrupt family. This man just sat here in this interview and glossed over all of the taxpayers dollars that go towards all of the lawsuits and payouts that's paid out to family's that have been murdered and victimized by the police.

  2. Another blackface for white supremacy to hide behind…when will black people wake up and realize black politicians are BOOTLICKS. He’s the main reason ATL has a high homelessness issue because he helped usher in gentrification.

  3. only brain dead drones wanna defund them. i don't even like or get along with them, yet they're a necessary evil. have fun pretending everybody wants to be a vigilante, judge/jury/executioner. brainlets.

  4. We need more UNDERCOVER police special tactical teams with all these gangs running around major cities commiting crimes in broad daylight with impunity…but these media outlets and activists don't want to have that conversation about these kids in their own community right?… its not always the police who are in the wrong.

  5. Another big mouth that doesn't know what he is talking about. Any time the police have millions to spare on video game trucks, facial recognition, military grade weapons and vehicles, specific task forces to target minority demographics, etc. etc. etc. They need to be deFUNDED, not dismantled. They need to be restructured to clarify their scope and mission statement to focus on the real issues that impact public safety rather than working to arrest/fining specific metrics, and paying for legal fees and settlements to cover up misconduct and make it go away. Tired of these clowns.

  6. Defund the police doesn’t mean cut out the police it means the police aren’t the army they are supposed to protect and serve the community, not patrol and control

  7. People spread the word keep that guy out and question why he really want to be mayor again send his black puppet ass AWAY!!!

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