Rap concerts have always been under heavy scrutiny, but after recent events, many artists have been moving cautiously. The backlash that Travis Scott received from the deadly Astroworld tragedy has caused performers to be more aware of their audiences, and with the wave of people rushing stages, security has been on point. Although there has been an outcry for “raging” at shows to be kept to a minimum, certain artists have developed reputations for having wild, all-out concerts where fans enjoy going crazy.

Playboi Carti has long been a performer who leaves it all on the stage and the energy at his concerts, especially huge festivals, is unmatched. It is something that has impressed Wiz Khalifa.

 Dia Dipasupil / Staff / Getty Images

“What younger kids are feeling, like, when they come out, that’s what they wanna do,” said Wiz in a recent post shared by Our Generation Music. “They wanna f*ckin’ rage, they wanna jump, they wanna scream, he knows how to bring that out in people. And especially the set design, that’s what I’m a nerd about. Like, he’s all the way up here on a f*ckin’ mountain and sh*t. I’m like, ‘That’s hard.’”

Weeks ago, Carti made headlines after he helped a fan by pulling security off of them. Last month, during an impassioned performance, Carti became so engrossed with his performance that he grabbed his guitarist and threw them to the ground.  

Check out Wiz Khalifa‘s take on Playboi Carti‘s live shows below.