Internet personality Logan Paul, known for his celebrity boxing matches and YouTube fame, signed a multi-year contract with WWE last month, and the wrestling organization is determined to make their newest signing a star. Insiders from the WWE say the organization wants to promote Paul as a ‘babyface’, meaning he is the “good guy” in the ring the crowd is meant to cheer for. This is a departure from the persona he put on last year when he made an appearance at Wrestlemania, where he donned a ‘heel’ persona, a role designed to be the antagonist of the match.

Aaron Davidson/Getty Images 

But despite the WWE’s efforts to turn Paul into a heroic figure to their audiences, live audiences have mercilessly booed the Ohio native in his walk up entrances to the ring. Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer reports the WWE began airing Paul’s segments after he’s already been introduced to the live crowd in an attempt to get any initial booing out of the way and avoid showing their audience at home the jeers hurled Paul’s way.

This was evident in an episode of WWE RAW earlier this week, as television audiences were dropped in the middle of a violent brawl between Paul and his opponent, the Miz. The Miz and Paul were former teammates from Paul’s appearance at Wrestlemania, but the Miz betrayed Paul after the match with a surprise attack, igniting their rivalry.

As a prospective babyface, the WWE hopes Paul would become an instant fan favorite like WWE legends like John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and Hulk Hogan. The WWE has had plenty of beloved heels, such as Seth Rollins, Triple H, and the Miz himself, but the organization is determined to push Paul as a protagonist.

Paul will get his chance to get vengeance on the Miz at this Summer’s Wrestlemania event this Saturday.